Hope4 Pakenham is a House of Prayer 4 Everyone.  We are affiliated with the Wesleyan Methodist Church of Australia and the Wesleyan Church worldwide.  We aim to be a church where real people get real with a real God.  It’s our prayer that you will experience the reality of God’s presence in your life more and more.  God bless you!

Our core values:

PRAYER.  Prayer is fundamental to following Jesus.  Before a loving God we are free to strip off the false pretences and outward appearance of having it altogether, and we are, in that vulnerable state, able to meet with Him and Him with us.  We pray for our community, our church, and you. If you have any prayer needs please feel free to utilise our ‘Praying 4 You’ cards and place them in the offering bowl at the back. You are invited to join us for prayer at a nearby Hope4 Home Group.

PEOPLE.  We are a church that seeks to reconnect people with the source of hope, Jesus Christ.  Knowing Him and experiencing all that He has for you in a lifelong intimate relationship is the only way you will find true hope.  Every person matters to Jesus and every person matters to us. It is our desire that you feel valued and accepted at Hope4.  If we can assist you in any way please let us know. If you would like to find out about joining a midweek Hope4 Home Group please contact us via our “Contact” page and we will be glad to help you out.

HOLY SPIRIT.  We are a Wesleyan Methodist Church that is sensitive to the Person and work of the Holy Spirit and His daily leadership as we live in faithful obedience to Him.  In the Bible, in Acts, we see an unstoppable, loving, and practical church as it was led by the Holy Spirit.  It is our desire to be a church of influence in our local community as we are influenced by the Spirit of God.


To find out what is happening in the life of the church or to receive regular updates and event invites jump onto Facebook, or simply click the icon at the bottom of this screen, and like us! You may also like to know more about the Wesleyan Church worldwide and what we believe. If that is the case please visit the Australian Wesleyan website at wesleyan.org.au

Once again, thank you for taking the time to visit. We look forward to seeing you at one of our services, 5pm at Lakeside College (Opp. Aldi) at 2 Portobello Rd Pakenham, and we’ll do our best to make you feel right at home!

God bless you!

Pastor Iain & Sonia McGill

Pastors, Hope4 Pakenham.